Wazifa For Increasing Love Between Husband & Wife

Wazifa For Increasing Love Between Husband & Wife ,” In some families it has been noticed that husband and wife quarrel with each other even on a small matter. Sometimes this thing results in very bad things like hate, long time annoyance, no talking to each other or separation etc….this situation is very dangerous for the future of family and children who are not the reason or part of problem but have to suffer the outcomes. So, for these types of problems here is an easy

and effective Wazifa of “Darood-e-Taj” Sharif.

Husband or Wife will have to do it…What he/ she will do is before sunrise he/ she will sit on Namaz Mat (Musallah) while the face will have to be to the side of Qiblah Sharif. Keep in front of you some sugar. Then recite 7 times Darood-e-Ibrahimi (which we read in Namaz) then recite 22 times Darood-e-taj sharif and then again 7 times Darood-e-Ibrahimi, all with the intention to may ALLAH AZZA WA JAL increase love and understanding between you both and grant the feeling of his/ her mistake to the person who is wrong from you both…….Then blow on the sugar and both Husband and wife use this Sugar anytime in tea or other food items….Do this Amal for a week on the Sugar and daily use the sugar….You can keep 2 to 3 kg of sugar so that you can use it for long time…. IN SHA ALLAH AZZA WA JAL within a week you will see the results..

Note: – Always keep well respect of Holy Sugar after blown on it.

URDU:- Aksar auqat Mian or Bivi k darmian zara zara si baat par jhagra ho jata ha jo k lamba he hota chala jata hai or bare bure nataij ka samna karna parr jata ha..Is main ghalti dono ki ya dono men se kisi ak ki bhi ho sakti ha magar phir bhi ghar ka sara mahol kharab ho jata ha…esi surat-e-haal k lye ye asan or teer ba hadaf wazifa pesh kar raha hun ALLAH PAK ap ko kamyab farmaye….ye wazifa mian ya bivi koi bhi kar sakta ha…karna ye ha keh Subha ko Suraj nikalne se pehle ap JAYE NAMAZ parr Qiblah ki taraf face kar k beth jayen or apne samne Shakkar ya Cheeni rakh len…Ab ap 7 bar darood-e-Ibrahimi parhen or phir 22 bar darood-e-taj sharif or phir 7 bar darood-e-Ibrahimi parhen or phir Cheeni par dam kar den, Sab is Niyat se parhna ha k ALLAH pak ap dono men Ham Ahangi or Muhabbat Peda Farma dai or Jo Ghalat ha use Ehsas kara dai…Ye cheeni dono mian bivi istimal Karen or ye amal 7 din tak karna ha…. Ap beshak ziada sari cheeni rakh len take kafi arsa tak use hoti rahe….IN SHA ALLAH AZZA WA JAL 7 din k under hi ap tabdili mehsus Karen gai or halaat behter hona shuru ho jayen gai….
Note:- Dam ki Hui Cheeni ko Adab or Ehtram se Rakhen or Istamal Karen

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