Wazifa To get Good Marks In Exams

Wazifa To get Good Marks In Exams  ,” On the off chance that you have exams first thing is to concentrate hard. As Allah says in the Quran

€I give people as indicated by their endeavors

After you have concentrated hard do the accompanying Inshallah you will get extraordinary stamps in your exams. This is an attempted and tried wazifa. It works each time.

After each salah do a sajda and in the sajda read Surah fatiha once as it were.

In the sajda when you come to €œiiya ka na budu va iiya ka nasta een€. Rehash it 21 times. at that point finish the Surah till the end and raise your head from the sajda. At that point do a dua for your exam. You should do this after each salah.

Darood/salavat 1 times previously, then after the fact the dua is must.

This wazifa is little and takes 2-3 minutes and is intense. Proceed until your outcome turns out.

Ensure you likewise read darood/salavat fadal from the site each friday as well.

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