Wazifa for Love or Ex-Lover to Get Your Love Back

Wazifa for Love or Ex-Lover to Get Your Love Back ,” This is a very strong wazifa if done is correctly as said, then love will come back with in days or some times within hours.
Take 41 Black Peppers and one onion,. then recite surah Fatheya ( Alhumdullillahey rabil alameen) on each black pepper, then peel outer layer of the onion and make a whole in onion then put all these black peppers in onion and wrap it with the layer you removed and wrap a thread around it. Then take a small branch of Pomegranate tree  peel it and place it on the head of the onion,
Now it is ready, put it under the stove so that it become warm, as it become warm the lover will feel uncomfortable and come back as soon as possible.


Ye ek bohet hai zabardast aur asan amal hai, mehbob ko wapis bolaney k liye ya beychain kerney k liye,
41 kali mirchen aur ek piyaz len, her kali mirch per 1 bar surah Fatheya ( Alhumdullillahey rabil alameen) phr ker dam karen, phir piyar ko oper sey cheel len aur us men ek sorakh kerden, ab ye kali mirchen us sorakh sey piyaz men dal den, phir piyaz k cheeley hoye part sey wo surakh band kerden, aur thaga lapate den, Anar ki ek choti shaakh ley ker cheel len aur usey piyaz k sir men gar den, ab is piyaz ko cholhey k nichey rakhen aur cholha jala den, jeysey piyaz garam hoga mehbob beychain hoga aur foran bhaga hoa aye ga,

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