Wazifa for Any Kind of Pain

Wazifa for Any Kind of Pain ,” This is a very powerful wazifa for headache or any kind of pain no matter its a bite of honey bee or bite of Scorpio, it will kill the poison and remove the pain, but some time pain move by one place to other so make it sure to recite on the pain place until pain completely gone,
Hold you breath then write with your index finger ( finger of right hand ) on the place of pain 3 times, then blow on the place and ask about the pain, if there is pain then do it again, in shaa Allah with in 3 times pain will go away.
Ye bohet hi mujarib aur zor asr amal hai, sir dard ya kisi bhi qisam k drd k liye teer asr hai, chahiye bher ney kata ho ya bicho ney, her terhan k dard bhag jata hai, baaz oqat asa bhi hota hai k dard ek jaga sey dosri jaga chala jata hai, tu jab tak dard mukamal tod per khatam na hojaye amal karen,
jis jaga dard ho us jaga sans rok ker 3 bar oper diye gaye word ko shahadat ki ungli sey likhen aur phir usi jaga dam ker den, phir dard ka pochen ager dard ho tu dobara asey hi dam karen, 3 dafa men dard bhag jaye ga,

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