Surah Sajdah Wazifa to End Office Problems And Politics

Surah Sajdah Wazifa to End Office Problems And Politics ,” Assalamoalaikum brothers and sisters. Today I am going to share a very powerful wazifa sent by one of my readers. Office problems and politics can trouble any peaceful employee and the range of problems at employment are not limited.

There could be salary issues and problems like controlling managers who are never happy with you no matter how hard you work.  If you can practise this wazifa, you will never see problems at your office and your job will get more and more stable each day.
Method: Recite Surah Sajdah after Fajr prayer for 7 days straight.

Our readers tells us that he continued to recite Surah Sajdah after every Fajar namaz, and his office problems started to disappear miraculously. “I was surprised to see the quick help. I knew Allah was on my side,” he writes.
Under the category: Dua for office problems, salary increase.

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