Surah Ikhlas Wazifa to Break Black Magic Spells

Surah Ikhlas Wazifa to Break Black Magic Spells ,” Surah Ikhlas can destroy black magic if recited with understanding of the verses and belief that Allah has the upper hand over everything in the Universe (Heavens and Earth). This Surah Ikhlas wazifa is for you if you are worried about on-again-off-again black magic spells. Weather magic is done on business, health or marriage, constant recitation can break the spells, no matter how old it is.After Fajr or Asr prayer (namaz) 

Recite Surah Fatiha eleven times
Recite Surah Ikhlas 100 times
Recite Surah Fatiha eleven times

Repeat this wazifa for 21 days and your black magic will disappear within the first two weeks Inshahallah.

For one hundred percent results from Surah Ikhlas Wazifa for black magic:

1) You must have one hundred belief that Allah will end the magic spell
2) You must have patience (sabr) as Allah tests how patient we are during this period.
3) You are regular in your daily prayers.
4) You are trying your best yo avoid sins – big and small

Apart from black magic (jadu tona), this Surah Ikhlas wazifa works best for evil eye (nazar e bad). All you have to do is shift your focus to Allah. Let me know how well you did with the wazifa. Good luck Inshahallah ! It is a very strong wazifa to defeat and destroy black magic. Even the worst kind of black magic that Jews do cannot stand before this wazifa.

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