Dua and Ruqya for Love and Attraction Between Husband Wife

Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

SallALLAHU Alayhi Wa Alayhi Wasallam

Dua and Ruqya for Love and Attraction Between Husband Wife ,” During everyday activities in home and family matters the husband should not belittle the advice and opinion of his wife. This is is when her opinion proves to be more positive and realistic than his.

Famous as Dua of Hazrat Daaood (Peace be upon Him).

This amal can be performed by:

  1. A husband, or
  2. A wife;
  3. A trustworthy and pious person on behalf of husband or wife. The entire amal can also be done by such person. But the fast has to be kept by himself/herself.

1. Keep a Roza (fast) on a Thursday.

2. After the fast is over. When you go to sleep after insha. Wake up after midnight 2 AM around;

3. Make an ablution and offer two rak`ats prayers; How to pray in Islam?

4.  Afterwards, write the below written verse 9:129 of Al- Bara’ at (At Taubah) on a piece of paper:

wazifa for love and attraction-Hadrat Dawud ka amal

After this, also write the the name of the spouse with his/her mother’s name. (binte for woman, bin for man).

EnglishTransliteration of the above arabic verse

Fa-In Tawallaw Faqul H’asbiyallaahu Laaa Ilaaha Illaa Huw A’layhi Tawakkaltu Wa Huwa Rabbul A’rshil A’z’eem

English Translation of the above arabic verse

But if they turn away, say: “ALLAH suffices me. There is no god but HE. On HIM do I rely, and HE is the Lord of the great throne.”

5. After writing the spouse name, also recite the same above written verse one (1) time which you have written on the piece of paper. This verse is taken from Chapter 9 Verse 129 of Al Bara’ at (At Taubah) keeping in mind the name of the displeased spouse (angry or loose tempered husband or a wife) for whom you are performing this amal.

And then,

6. Also, recite this dua one (1) time:


English Transliteration:

Allaahumma Anta Yaa Rabbi ‘Hasbee A’laa (Mention The Name Of The Spouse With His/Her Mother’s Name.

While reciting the above dua when you arrive at A’laa recite the name of the spouse with his/her mother’s name (binte for woman, bin for man). For example: If woman then say-  Huma binte Salma. If man then say Haaris bin Maryam.

7. After this recite the remaining part of this dua one time (1):

hadrat-dawud-2 part-3 yaALLAH.inwa'atif qalbaha-alayya-wazallil-haali-hadrat-dawud-amal-to-melt-hearts-yaALLAH.in

English Transliteration of the above dua:

Wa A’-T’if Qalbahaa A’layya Wa D’allihaa Lee

English Translation of the above dua:

O my ALLAH, You are (my) Lord, be sufficient for me to make her heart yield to me and submit to me in (love and affection).

In this way, you did perform this amal one (1) time. Likewise, recite in the same way thirty (30) times in total. Write it only for one (1) time and recite thirty (30) times.

8. After reciting entirely for thirty (30) times, wrap that piece of paper up. You can make it like an amulet. Tie it on your right arm with a thread or something.

9. Tie it up at least for forty (40) days. If you get favorable results before forty (40) days you can untie and bury it in the roots of plant or something like this. Please untie this amulet every time before entering washroom or any other similar impure place.

Please Note: Females should not perform this during their menses. Girls can remove during menses and then tie again after 7 days when they become pure through a ritual bath. Therefore, females can tie this amulet for more than forty (40) days.

Insha ALLAH, there will be harmony & love between husband & wife again.

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Dua and Ruqya for Love and Attraction Between Spouses

Shauhar ya Biwi ke dil mein apne liye muhabbat aur tadap paida karne ka amal.

Dua for Love and Attraction in Roman English Version:

Ye amal kaun-kaun kar sakte hai?

  1. Shauhar ya
  2. Biwi ya fir
  3. Agar shauhar ya biwi koi bhi ye amal karna chahte ho aur unki koi jayaz majburi ho na kar pane ki. To unki taraf se ek qabil-e-yaqin shakhs upar dono mein se kisi ki bhi janib se. Magar esi surat mein bhi roza to unhe khud hi rakhna hoga. Sirf taweez banana ka aur dua parhne ka zimma qabil-e-yaqin shakhs ko de sakte hai.

Ayiye dekhe amal kaise karna hai?

  1. Jummerat ka roza rakhiye;
  2. Shamko roza khol lijiye;
  3. Ratko so jaye aur fir taqriban adhi rat ke bad (Tahajjud Namaz jab parte hai) yani 2 baje ke as-pas;
  4. Wuzu bana lijiye aur fir do rak’at namaz ada kijiye. Is niyat se ke apke shauhar ka dil apke liye pighal jaye aur wo Muhabbat karne lage fir se;
  5. Deegar, upar likhi hui Surah At Taubah #9 ki ayat #129 ko pak-saf kaghaz par arabi mein (naraz/ghussail shauhar ki muhabbat hasil karne ke liye niyat rakhiye aur manane ki niya se) likhiye;
  6. Uske bad shauhar ka nam bin ma ka nam. Agar biwi ke liye kar rahe hai to biwi ka nam binte ma ka nam.

Fa-In Tawallaw Faqul H’asbiyallaahu Laaa Ilaaha Illaa Huw A’layhi Tawakkaltu Wa Huwa Rabbul A’rshil A’z’eem

  1. Ye likhne ke bad usi ayat ko ek martaba parhiye.

Aur fir,

  1. Ye dua bhi (shauhar ya biwi ke nam aur unki ma ke nam ke sath) ek martaba parhiye:

ALLAHUMMA Anta ya Rabbi ‘Hasbi ‘alaa shauhar/biwi ka nam bin/binte ma ka nam

Misal ke taur par agar biwi ke liye kar rahe hai aur unka nam ‘Huma’ hai aur unki  ma  ka nam ‘Salma’ hai to kaise parhna hai?

Huma binte Salma

Aur agar shauhar ke liye kar rahe hai aur unka nam ‘Salim’ hai aur unki  ma  ka nam ‘Shahnaz’ hai to kaise parhna hai?

Salim bin Shahnaz

  1. Iske bad ek martaba ye parhiye:

Wa A’-T’if Qalbahaa A’layya Wa D’allihaa Lee

Aur is tarah se apne ye ek martaba parh liya hai. Thik isi tarah se ap 30 martaba parhiye (Likhna sirf ek hi bar hai lekin parhna 30 bar hai).

  1. Parhne ke bad ap kaghaz ko ache se taweez ki tarah tah kar dijiye aur kisi dhaage se baandh dijiye. Ise apne sidhe bazu par bandh lijiye;
  2. Ise kam-az-kam chaalees (40) roz tak bandhe. Agar apko isse pahle natija mil jaye to ap ise utar kar kahi pak-saf jagah par thanda (dafn) kar sakti hai. Ya fir kisi nadi ya talab mein baha sakti hai. Yad rahe kisi bhi tarah ki be-adbi na ho;
  3. Is Taweez baitul khalaa ya kisi napak jagah par jane se pahle khol dijiye.

Ghaur Talab: Khawateen haiz ke dauran is Taweez ko khol dijiye. Jab wo ghusl karke pak ho jayeg to fir se bandh lijiye. Aur jis roz khola tha usi roz se aage din ginna shuru kar dijiye.

Insha ALLAH, apke aur apke shariq-e-hayat ke darmiyan muhabbat, khuloos aur achha rishta ban jayega, Ameen.

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